Temporary new schedule

Ugh, I know I literally only just relaunched this one but some work stuff has come up on another, proper paid project that’s having to take priority. So, in order to avoid another hiatus, I’m temporarily switching to a 2-week schedule to give myself some breathing space. New comics will be posted every other Monday, with the early access on Patreon still being 3 days beforehand.

All being well, this should only last a month or two at most and then it’s back to your regular scheduled programming. I really want to tell this story and for y’all to get to know these characters more, and I’m aware I have a habit of biting off more than I can chew, but what artist doesn’t?

Until then, enjoy this image of Francis, which is coming soon to my online store in sticker form (and very limited stock!) along with a couple of other sticker surprises too. Stay tuned!

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