We’re back, baby!

After an admittedly longer hiatus than I planned, Activist Haircut has returned with a proper domain name and a new posting day. Go ahead and bookmark activisthaircut.com in your browser and check ‘Mondays’ on your calendar because new comic strips will be coming to you every Monday from here on out.

ALSO! If you’re a fan of reading comics on WEBTOON then you’re in luck! Activist Haircut now also has a home there too, so you can keep up with the shenanigans of Erica & friends in either place. (Activist Haircut on WEBTOON)

And finally, as before, if you want to support the comic and get access to these strips 3 days early, you can join my Patreon! There you’ll also get extra arty stuffs as well as early access to videos and pages of my fantasy comic book series, Of Dungeons & Dragoones.

I’m so thrilled to be back on track with AH, there’s a lot of fun to come.

– Vic

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